About Us

Decoy Outdoors was created by founder and designer Ricky Talkington “Decoy Rick” in 2008. Decoy Rick has been Waterfowl Hunting for over 40 years. His dad Richard “TANK” Talkington started taking him hunting and fishing at a very young age. In Jr. High he started hunting with the Lester Boys in Corsicana, TX and with their dads guide service “The Duck Factory” in Katy TX in the early 1980’s. He wanted to create a extreme Waterfowl apparel line for the true Hardcore Waterfowlers and his love of the Great Outdoors. So in 2008 Decoy Outdoors brand name was born. The name “Decoy Outdoors” comes from Decoy Rick’s love of the traditions of waterfowlers passed down from generation to generation and his large collections of old wooden antique hunting decoys. He wanted the name to be a strong word used by all waterfowlers. He felt that DECOY was that word. Decoy Rick enjoys Waterfowl Hunting all over our great country from North Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We hope you enjoy the Decoy Outdoors gear and we hope you will make as many good memories in the field as we have over the years. Thanks and Happy Hunting!! – Decoy Outdoors